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Our database is full -- how should we proceed?

Describes how to troubleshoot a full database. SAP BI/BW expert provides advice for uploading data into PSA and cube.

We are loading HR data into our BW development system on a weekly basis. It is a full upload, first to PSA, then to cube. After a few rounds of loading, the database is now full. How do we proceed in such a situation? Do we need to delete the PSA data regularly? Is there a better way to manage this?
This is a DBA responsibility. Check with your DBA and make sure the estimate for the database size was done correctly. You may check using the transaction DB02 and see if you have enough space in the relevant tablespace. If not, add more datafiles with the help of your DBA.

Next check the infocube change screen and make sure the storage parameters have been defined correctly. If not, you may have to reorganize the tables and change the storage parameters. It is always better to delete the redundant data stored in PSA after the data loads. Keep only three to four days of data in PSA unless there is a specific need to keep more. You can schedule jobs to delete PSA data. Use transaction RSA15 to go to PSA and schedule the job for specific loads.

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