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Options for refreshing data in TEST and QA systems

We are running SAP 4.6C on UNIX/DB2 R/3 along with BW and APO. We refreshed our TEST and QA systems over a year back and are now in a dire need of refreshing the same for R/3, BW and APO. With PRD systems overgrown over the time, it?s almost impossible to replicate the full database. We just need a good amount of data in TEST and QA system so developers can test their configuration and programs. What are the different options available to us? What are the different third party tools we can use to refresh our QA and TEST systems? We are planning to refresh every six months from now on. What is the general refresh strategy across the SAP sites? A couple of options I found on discussion boards are: Make homogenous copy; use eCATT or LSMW; use SAP import/export (not a good option for big DB) etc. Our goal is not to replicate the entire PRD database and at the same time have a good sizable data in the QA and TEST environment.
Since a homogeneous system copy is not a good solution for you, you will need to use ALE to move data. This might be a bit of work in the beginning, though. As far as third party tools, I suggest you take a look at InfoShuttle from Gamma Technologies. This tool allows you to move specific data.

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