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Options for downloading Smart Forms on ECC 5.0 without the Best Practices Add-on

SAP ECC 5.0 won't load preconfigured Smart Forms without SAP Best Practices Add-on. Learn why and some workarounds for this from expert Mark Smithson.


I have SAP ECC 5.0 and I need to load preconfigured Smart Forms to SD. I found the Preconfigured Smart Forms V1.500 but it requires the SAP Best Practice 2005 edition 2 add-on. Best Practices are not installed here. How can I upload the Smart Forms in my system? Can I download the Smart Forms from another system? How do I know the name of the SD Smart Form? Thank you in advance.

Starting in ECC 5.0, SAP seems to have changed the approach for loading preconfigured Smart Forms. You are correct – these forms are now bundled with the Best Practices Add-On. Here are your options as I see them:

  1. Load the entire Best Practices Add-On -- but first, please read SAP Note 847756.
  2. Import the forms (and their related components, such as print programs and Smart Styles) from another SAP system via a transport request; note that you may encounter code compatibility issues if going from a non-Unicode based environment to a Unicode based one.
  3. Manually import just the forms you need directly (again, don't forget their related components); once again, you may encounter Unicode issues.

I have done both 1 and 2 before. In fact, as part of a recent client upgrade, I worked with SAP on doing 2 from an R/3 4.6c MDMP environment to an ECC 6.0 Unicode one. (At that time, an ECC 6.0 version of the forms was not yet released). Some code changes were necessary, but it was not a major ordeal. In my view, the biggest downside was that we were not getting the 'latest and greatest' version of the preconfigured forms this way.

I have not done 3, but it certainly seems possible, right? After all, upload functionality is built in to all the relevant development objects. The trick lies in locating a download source relevant for ECC 5.0. Perhaps it is buried somewhere in the SAP Service Marketplace, but I have yet to find it. In any case, I would start by reading SAP Notes 595812 and 526824. If you find a better answer on 3, please share it with us!

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