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Operating systems for running SAP application servers on IBM

We are currently considering implementing SAP application servers on our IBM mainframe environment. Which operating systems would you recommend? Currently, USS is installed, but can the application servers run under os390, and what are the drawbacks?
Please consider reading the white papers below, and also see customer references: http://service.sap.com and http://www.ibm-sap.com/. Also open a message to XX-SER-CC-AIX or visit Platform and Technology Information Centre at: https://service.sap.com/platforms in relation to your current and future SAP & business development. However, it best meets your needs alternatively to also enquire with other HW partners. For more infos from SAPs Preferred Partner see: http://www.sap.hp.com http://service.sap.com/osdbmigration.

White papers:

* Gartner: http://www.gartner.com
Strategy, Trends & Tactics, Enterprise Guide to Gartner's High-Availability System Model for SAP, published September 20, 2001.
Enterprise Server Selection in a Changing World, published October 11, 2002.

IDC: http://idctracker.com/
IDC's new Server Taxonomy uses the following price ranges to differentiate servers into "Volume servers" <25K$, "Midrange Enterprise Servers" 25K$-500K$, "High-end Enterprise Servers" >500K$.

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