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One global client vs. separate local clients

We have several plants located around the world. We currently have only a few of the divisions converted to SAP,...

currently everyone runs out of the same SAP client. When we start converting the oversea plants/divisions to SAP, we are unsure whether we should run them in the same client or create a new client. I have two questions at this point: 1. What are other customers doing which have oversea operations? 2. Is there any place to get information on the pros and cons of running divisions in there own clients. I realize these are tough questions since the type of business and how each company does business is different BUT can you give any insight on these two questions?

Visit ASUG.COM and look for several customer presentation addressing global SAP R/3 implementation issues. These presentations are listed under 'Global Implementation' track in the ASUG 2001 Annual Conference.

This was last published in September 2001

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