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OS must support a new language after installation on SAP

Learn how to avoid problems with a new language on SAP. OS/DB expert Bert Vanstechelman says OS must support a new language after installation.

Czech and Slovak users are having two issues when they log on to our system:

- In the Slovak version for name and surname, they can't use following letters: š, ť,   (same for capital letters:...

Å , Ť,  ). - Å , š,  ,   (s and z with hooks) were prohibited to enter for last, first names in the local language.

Are the Czech and Slovak locales installed on the operating system? Installing the languages in SAP is not sufficient. The operating system needs to support the language as well. You can use report RSCPINST to verify the languages, the instance profile settings and the locales on the operating system.
This was last published in November 2005

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