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Notificaton of changes to the User Master

We want to be notified about changes to the User Master. Is this possible via ALE? What if I setup Central User Administration and setup an RFC destination that is an external program? Can I get changes to the User Master and process these?
Well, there are many solutions to this. Do you want to be alerted when a change takes place, then workflow may be your solution. If you want the changes be replicated you may set up the ALE scenario with an external system and send the master idoc to the RFC destination. The problem is always the trigger. Change pointers are a way, but awkward. Setting up the workflow that calls MASTERIODC_DISTRIBUTE would be my personal advice.

If RFC is your choice depends on the receiving system, whether it understands RFC or not. The simplest solution is depositing the IDoc in a file in a common directory.

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