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Not connecting to SAP: A connection string problem

When logging onto SAP, it shows a "Connection to partner broken" message. What is wrong?

When I try to log on, it shows the following message:

Connection to partner broken
Component NI (network interface)
Release 620
Version 36
Module ninti.c
Line 979
Method NipRead(
Return code -6
System call recv
Error No 10054
Error Text WSAECONNREFUSED: Connection reset by peer Counter 1

What should I do?

Your connection string is probably wrong. As you are connection via port 3299, I assume that there is a SAPROUTER between you and the SAP system.

For example;


This tells my SAPGUI to connect to the SAPROUTER running on host In this case SAPROUTER listens to default port 3299. From the SAPROUTER, I connect to the SAP system with instance number 00 (3200) running on host with IP

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