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New printer problems

When I create a new printer (output device) in SAP and give a printout, it gives the output status as "WAIT" and when I double click on it, it says internal error printing. The spool request is being created but the spooler system is not processing the request. If I print the same spool request on any other previously configured printers then it prints without any problem. Only problem is when I configure new printer and try to print. Please guide me on this.

This could problem could be due to several things:
- Permissions on the printer itself. Check that the SAPService (SID) account has at least "print" permissions.
- The access method. Are you using Direct OS call (C) or Print locally via LP/LPR (L)?
- Is the spool server assigned correctly?

If you're using access method C then check that the OS is getting the spool requests from SAP.

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