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New device to SAP spooler

My question is about the transaction SPAD, how can we add a new Device Type to the sap spooler.

Here is how to do it:
1. Execute transaction SPAD
2. Click on "Full Administration"
3. Click on "Device Types"
4. Switch to Change mode or press F8
5. Click on "Create" or press Shift+F1
6. Type in the name of the new Device type, give it a name.
7. Select the appropriate drivers.

The best to do is to actually copy an existing device type and then modify the copy. You can save a lot of work that way.

To copy use the Utilities->Copy device type menu.

You should always create new devices in your development box and then transport them.

Additional info
Read SAPNet notes:
8928 List of supported printers/device types
17054 How to copy or change a device type

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