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NetWeaver information

Where can I find a text or information on NetWeaver?

There are several places on SearchSAP with information on NetWeaver.

You can start with these Featured Topics-
What is NetWeaver?
Can NetWeaver cut TCO?
Meet the new NetWeaver

We also have some excellent sample chapters of a popular NetWeaver text. This download is Chapter 3 of 'SAP NetWeaver for Dummies' by Dan Woods and Jeffrey Word and published by Wiley Publishing. Chapter 3, "Meet SAP Netweaver" will give you a complete overview of NetWeaver from top to bottom. You will learn about each SAP NetWeaver tool and component, as well as how SAP NetWeaver can benefit your organization.

Chapter 1, "SAP NetWeaver: The New Foundation of IT" explains what SAP NetWeaver is, its goals, and the IT world it lives in.

We also have a section in our Best Web links that covers NetWeaver. You will find helpful sites and articles here.

Hope this helps.

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