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NetWeaver: causing organizational changes for IT departments?

Wondering how NetWeaver will change the structure and organization of IT departments within corporations? Get Joshua Greenbaum's expert opinion here.

How are companies using the new SAP NetWeaver-based solutions going to structure or organize their IT department compared to the old setup? In other words, what kind of organizational changes should be anticipated?
This is an important question, and the basic answer is that IT will eventually change significantly, but only over time. The main change will come from the adoption of a business process-centric model based on NetWeaver. That will place a significant amount of implementation and change management in the hands of the business user.

NetWeaver should remove a considerable amount of the integration and version management burden that IT must currently cope with. But that business process-centric model will take some time to develop, both in terms of what SAP can offer and what most businesses can absorb. So in the initial years I would expect that, with respect to SAP functionality, the organization of IT will be largely similar to what it is like today.

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