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Negative project totals query in BW reporting

In this expert response, Peter Scott exposes how to query only negative projects in SAP BW reporting.

My query displays net project totals (negative and positive). I would like to view only the negative projects.

My current solution is to use a 'goto', which runs a second query with the condition applied. Is there a way of applying a condition with out re-running the query?

Yes, there is a fairly straightforward way of producing the result you are after. Let's say that your negative and positive values are displayed in a column for a key figure called "Project Totals". In the query definition, you can create a new 'Condition for the Project Totals' key figure and apply the 'Less Than' operator with a value of 0. If you ensure that this condition is Active by default (the Active box is checked), you will only see projects with negative totals in the results area.

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