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Name change leading to an error with time sheet

Find out how to troubleshoot when a name change is leading to a time sheet error in SAP. Workflow expert Alon Raskin describes how to solve the problem.

One of our users got married and changed her name. She has been changed in SU01, PA30, OOSB. When I use rule 168 to find her superior under her new name, it comes up with the correct Line Manager.

However, when she is trying to save and release her time sheet, she is getting an error message:

"Time sheet contains errors. You cannot save. Workflow recipient could not be determined."

Could you give me an idea of where to look next?

The fact that the user is getting an error indicates that the time sheet transaction is executing the agent determination as part of the transaction, and not part of the workflow.

I think the fastest way to resolve your issue is to simply debug through the transaction and see where the error is being raised. It's probably not rule 168 that is being called.

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