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MySAP Engineering & Construction vs. customizing standard SAP

From a cost effective stand point, would you use the mySAP engineering and construction solution or customize SAP...

standard delivered for a business developing and building vacation resorts?

There are a number of variables yet to be addressed to answer your question satisfactorily. Generally, though, the terms "cost effective" and "customize SAP" tend to be mutually exclusive.

If your organization is already using SAP and feels a level of comfort with it, the customizing route may not be so bad. If, on the other hand, your organization is not familiar with SAP, the packaged E & C solution would probably reduce the implementation time considerably.

There are a number of other variables to be considered in making this decision. Among them:
The size of your company - the more people involved, the greater the investment in training to get things up and running if the customizing option is chosen.
The IT Department of your company - can they keep SAP running once the consultants leave?
The location of your company - will computing operations be centralized in one place or spread out around the country or the globe?
The employees of your company - how proficient are they with computers? SAP gives new meaning to the phrase "Garbage In Garbage Out"
The financial condition of your company - either choice will involve a significant initial investment.
The accounting needs of your company - For example: Will your company use "percentage of completion" for recognizing revenues? While this can be customized, the E & C solution would probably be quicker.
The overall objectives of your company - as a friend of mine says, "Why buy a space shuttle when all you need is a bicycle to get to work?"

Thinking through these questions up front will help you to make an informed decision. Good luck!

This was last published in May 2002

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