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My company is switching from Oracle to SAP. Should I stay?

I am an Oracle Applications DBA for a $3 billion company. The current setup is best-of-breed, with Oracle Applications being used for financial accounting. The company has decided to replace all the systems with a SAP implementation over the next several years. My questions is - should I stay with the company and start my career in SAP, or should I look for another job?

This one's a short one: Oracle is looking pretty strong right now, and in the era of the "Intelligent Enterprise," it looks to be a pretty good time to be a DBA. Your task is easy: You need to figure out if the new SAP system is going to run on an Oracle database. If it is, make sure that you will continue to work as an Oracle DBA within the SAP context. If that's the case, there's no reason not to stick around and gain the SAP experience as well. If that's not the case, I'd strongly consider moving on and continuing with the Oracle DBA career path.

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