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My company can't advance my skills, but I want to be an SAP guru!

I've been doing SAP support, mostly on the first level in various areas of SAP for two years in a sales office environment.

I want to expand my skills and experience. Unfortunately, my company cannot offer a second-level position, since we outsource that function (we share an instance with other related companies) and there are no major projects in the pipeline.

Based on my profile, what do you recommend I do? My ambition is to be a SAP guru, as I have coughed up a lot of my own money for SAP courses.

Also, would you recommend that I focus on BW since it is a hot area, and the market is saturated with R/3 functional consultants in my country?

I hope other readers take a look at this question and see, from your example, that investing in SAP courses is no guarantee of immediate success. I suspect your investment in SAP training will eventually pay off, but I'm glad you are honest about your challenge so that readers can learn from you. Your SAP support work is also good for you to have under your belt, but the jump from SAP support to SAP implementation is a still a pretty big one.

I like that you have taken an assessment of your local market and determined that there are already too many functional consultants. It's important to understand the supply and demand of particular SAP skills in your area before you make big moves. Based on your analysis, I do like BW as a focus area because it would bridge both your technical and functional skills, and provide you with a large base of projects to pursue. Down the road, perhaps you could also pursue related mySAP applications and put together an SEM/BW or CRM/BW skill set. BW is a broad enough skill that further specialization is helpful. It seems that you have a pretty solid start to your SAP career, at this point, you just need to keep going and keep up your strategic approach.

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