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My boss wants me to be a process analyst -- how do I make it a career?

I am a Computer Systems Engineer but have been heavily trained in Manufacturing (hands-on in production processes) mainly in Production Planning, MRP Analysis and New Products Logistics, and have been only a SAP user. Now, due to my company's change in business orientation I have been asked to work in SAP as a Process Analyst, mainly in the EC and MM modules. How can I make a career in this new position? I have had management experience in my past roles but I am not sure how to switch and grow in this new position. Any ideas?
I think you may be looking a bit too far ahead. At the moment, it's not important to worry about your long term prospects in SAP - what's more important is simply taking full advantage of the opportunity that your current employer has presented you with. In this tight market, the best opportunities out there are the ones that you can transition into within your current position. You may be worried about how your new responsibilities will mix with your previous SAP skills, but at this point, the best thing to do is simply focus on getting the most you can out of your new position, and pushing your skills to the max. It sounds like this move from being an SAP user to being a process analyst could be a great challenge for you. Of course, the best hands-on position in the SAP world is that of an SAP implementor, but being a process analyst is a significant skills upgrade from an SAP user role. Embrace the new job, learn all you can, and be ready to seize the next opportunity that comes your way.

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