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My SAP technical skills are rusty, but I want to be a business analyst

I was a functional SAP FI/CO consultant back in 2000 and 2001. I started out as a FI/CO team lead in an implementation project for a year, learning all the configuration tasks from the partner consultants throughout the whole cycle. During the next two years I worked as a SAP FI/CO functional consultant, providing my functional and configuration service for another two full cycles of implementations.

After that I went into SAP project management in private sector for a year. The last version I have worked on is...

4.5C. I became an end user for the next two and a half years. My technical skills are now a little rusty. All I have left now is my knowledge in business process and implementation project and a 10+ years of financial background.

How can I get back to SAP -- as a business analyst in a company or as a functional consultant or configurator? I have tried to get into companies that are in maintenance mode as a business analyst, hoping to get a chance to pick up my hands on experience. I failed in two of the interviews when it came to a tech check. What can I do to climb over this hurdle? I need to be ready for a tech check again soon. I'm desperate for some advise.

Those of you who read my column know that I rarely endorse training and certification as a career fix-it, but in this case, I'm going to surprise my loyal readers and strongly suggest you consider it. Getting some current FI/CO training would make a strong impression on future employers that you are serious about SAP, and I'll bet with the training know-how, you'd do fine on the technical checks.

If money is too tight for SAP training, you might be able to beef up your FI/CO knowledge simply by reading some SAP financials books. There are a few good ones last time I checked on Amazon.com.

This was last published in September 2005

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