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My EDI partner asks me to send data in EDIFACT format, can SAP do this?

My EDI partner asks me to send data in EDIFACT format, can SAP do this?

SAP does not provide a conversion from IDoc to EDIFACT, ANSI/X.12 or other classical EDI data exchange format. Conversion must be done by external converter tools. These tools receive the IDocs from the R/3 instance via ALE, convert them to EDIFACT etc. and forward the converted data to the receiver. There are numerous converter tools available now. For a list of all SAP certified IDoc converter tools, you may want to contact your SAP sales representative. The most advanced solutions will make use of the IDocs converted to XML, as they are provided by R/3 standard from realease 4.6 onwards. This willl output IDocs to a file in XML. While this will not help you in converting data into EDIFACT, it may be worth to ask your EDI partners, if they really require EDIFACT (which in practice is seldomly pure EDIFACT but mostly an adapted varaiant) or if they are satisfied in receiving an XML file with the proper IDoc data.


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