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My DCOM connector generates errors on my Web server

I am using DCOM connector to create COM objects to use in a Web application that needs to communicate with an R/3 system. For initial development and testing, I used my local machine where everything works fine. Now I am trying to get things working on the Web server. After the installation of the DCOM connector on the server, I am getting the error "Active X component - can't create object (429)". This error appears whenever I try to do anything in the DCOM connector (view installed components, view destinations, etc). What am I missing here? I am not a server administrator, so I am trying to specify what I need on the server. Obviously there is something missing... Can't find any details on this problem. Help!

Probably some Microsoft components are missing or maybe you are running a different Windows release on the server. Difficult to tell without access to your system...

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