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Moving to SAP after 5 years in telecom consulting

I am a telecom consultant, I worked in this area for 5 years, but as you know the market situation is very bad...

so the job opportunities are few. But the opportunities with SAP is much better. My question is how to get in to SAP and I don't have any prior experience. Should I get a SAP certificate in some SAP module? or should I find a job in some company dealing with SAP? Is it easy at this period of time?

If you're from the Telecom field, then you're a true survivor! Nothing the SAP market could throw at you would be any more difficult than what you've already been through. I agree that there are more opportunities in SAP than Telecom, but I do wonder if SAP is really the best choice for you. Are you saying that with all your accumulated work experience, SAP is the best possible niche for you to pursue at this time? I haven't seen your resume, but I would have to wonder about that. If I could cherry pick an industry to be involved with right now, it might not be IT-related. Remember that the fate of SAP is tied to large, Fortune 100 companies - the same companies that are still bearing the brunt of the "corporate accounting" scandals, the same companies that are under so much earnings scrutiny, the same companies that are reluctant to invest in large scale capital spending - especially in IT. I can't help but think that in the short term, there might be better opportunities available to you locally. If you really want to pursue IT, why not something on a smaller scale where more companies are spending? I have mentioned the Microsoft Great Plains initiative before - that's just one of many market developments that might be worth exploring. If your heart is indeed set on SAP, then read some of my previous months' columns, and you'll find answers that address the different aspects of breaking into SAP, such as certification. Good luck!

This was last published in January 2003

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