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Moving to SAP SCM

Expert Harish Narayanan explains how to break into SAP SCM

I am currently working as a lead quality engineer and want to move to the SAP SCM field. Is it advisable for me to shift at this point, both financially and career wise? if yes, than how shall I go about this change? My background is as a mechanical engineer. I worked for about 5 years in the merchant navy and then shifted to IT. Currently I have around 6 years of experience in IT. In between, I also completed a full-time course from a well known Management Institute, where I studied ERP/SCM concepts as part of the curriculum.
It would be advisable to make a move if you get an opportunity that helps you get into SCM as part of your current job. I am not sure if it is worth moving out of whatever you are doing into SCM unless it is something you are passionate about. The SCM that is taught as part of the curriculum might help you understand concepts, but you would need a lot more practial experience in the area to work on projects. A lot of clients insist on hands-on experience more than educational qualifications. That said, it is worth getting certified by APICS in CPIM (and, if possible, in CSCP) as a qualfication in SCM. Please visit the APICS site at www.apics.org for more information. If you have interest in going for SCM please do keep looking for the right opportunity. I am not sure if it is financially a great move as the area is something that is dependent on the market.

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