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Moving queries from one user ID to another

We have an employee who has recently left the company and he had created 20-30 queries. He has assigned those queries to custom transaction codes. When I am signed on as him I can see the queries via QuickViewer. I would like to remove his user ID out of our SAP systems. Is there a way to move these queries under a generic user ID? If the creating user is deleted, then are the queries gone as well? We are running 4.6B on an AS/400. Thanks in advance for your help.

The queries are likely associated with an ABAP-Query user group. You should be able to use transactions SQ02 and SQ03 to remove his user-ID from the user group assignment and add your own or a generic. Note ABAP-Query user groups are considerabley different than SU01 (Authorization) user groups.

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