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Moving from programming to the functional side

I am an SAP-certified ABAP programmer, but with the continuing outsourcing of development to other countries, I am considering a change into the functional side. I have done and am currently doing a lot of work on CRM including BSPs, workflow and an upgrade to 4.0. Because of this, I am considering moving into the functional side on CRM. Would you say this is a sensible move?

My manager is prepared to send me on CRM functional courses and in the near future we might be implementing CRM...


I agree that functional work gives you more protection against outsourcing, all things being equal. I also like the prospect of CRM experience, because SAP CRM is one of the hotter areas within SAP consulting right now. And since you already have technical CRM experience from the ABAP side, you already have some valuable know-how to bring to the table. Plus, your manager is supporting your move and offering you CRM training. That all sounds very appealing to me.

The big question is: why did you write me a question? :) Things are rolling your way, just go with it! Remember, also, that if you move to functional CRM work, you won't be abandoning your ABAP skills either. You'll be able to continue to call on your ABAP skills as a functional person, and it will really help you as you work with the development teams to customize CRM components for your future clients and users. Good luck!

This was last published in March 2005

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