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Moving from SAP xMII to another SAP area

Advice on moving from SAP xMII to another SAP area, such as PI or ABAP.

I've been working in SAP xMII for the last two years and now I want to grow in other areas of SAP. However, I am not able to decide which SAP stream I should select. I hold a Master's degree in Computer Science.
With xMII, you are in one of the hottest areas of SAP. I wouldn't give up on those skills. They are in high demand. The natural extension would be learning more about the SAP Logistics and PP areas, which you have probably already encountered during your work with xMII. Knowing a process form end-to-end is the most valuable asset in IT nowadays. We have too many specialists but hardly any crossover people who understand both parties in a communication scenario. If you went the entrepreneurial route, you might consider aquiring PI skills in order to advise customers on which middleware product they could choose for their needs. xMII and PI achieve the same goals by different means. Knowing ABAP in depth is always an asset you can build on, especially if you combine it with your middleware experience. You may also want to check with SearchSAP expert Jon Reed on the latest job trends in ERP.

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