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Moving from "3 box" to "5 box" SAP landscape

My organization will be moving from a "3 box" SAP landscape, consisting of Development, Consolidation, and Production...

servers, to a "5 box" landscape where we introduce two additional servers to house a separate development environment and QA environment. The original "3 box" will house production support activities while the two new environments will support major development projects. On one hand, this simplifies things by keeping major development and production support activities separate. On the other, it complicates things by necessitating a merge of two separate environments at some point. Are there any tips, tricks, or otherwise proven, documented processes for effectively managing a "5 box" landscape to which you can point me?


Assuming D C and P are your standard 3 box landscape. You now have D' and C' for major developments. I assume that maintenance goes D->C->P, and that 'Major' projects go D'->C'->D->C->P.

Note that object created in D will have original system D and those created in D' will have original system D'. When an object is imported into D which came from D', if the name is the same, an error message will be shown. Similary for objects imported into D' which came from D. This is very useful for prevent naming clashes and overwriting.

You need to make sure that any maintenance in D goes into C and D' at the same time. Any naming clashes must be resolved at this time. I would suggest that you adopt a naming convention for objects in D' unique to each project.

When merging from C' to D, with seperate naming conventions, there should not be a great problem. Think about whether you want to do a transport of copies or a relocation. You should consider whether the original system of objects from D' will ever need to be changed to D, perhaps after it all is in P, and maintenance originates in D.

The most work comes from merging configuration. The approach we have taken is that all configuration must be applied manually in D, with reference to C'.


This was last published in November 2002

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