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Move from data warehousing to SAP BW with ABAP skills

Learn Peter Scott's advice for a reader with data warehousing experience who wants to learn SAP BW and ABAP.

I am working in data warehousing and I have two and a half years of experience. I'd like to learn SAP BW. What is a good combination for a DW guy? Is it necessary to learn ABAP? I'm looking for your suggestions.
It wouldn't hurt to know ABAP! When I am looking for back-end SAP developers I always put ABAP near the top of my skills list. BW and ABAP are very complimentary together. You can do the majority of a straightforward SAP BW implementation without ABAP but at times you will be required to write a small piece of ABAP code for things like user exits. The ability for a single project resource to do both is highly efficient.

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