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More information on SAP NetWeaver ECC 6.0; NetWeaver vs R/3

Learn the difference between NetWeaver ECC 6.0 and R/3.

I am working in SAP NetWeaver ECC 6.0, and I would like some more information about it. For example, what is the...

difference between NetWeaver and R/3?

Welcome to the world of SAP.

NetWeaver is the technology that SAP solutions are currently build upon. There are a number of SAP solutions that are provided within the NetWeaver umbrella, eg. MDM, Enterprise Portal, BI, etc. SAP R/3 (or other names being ERP, ECC, etc) are all the enterprise solution for SAP. They are built on the NetWeaver platform as the underlying layer. So, keep R/3 separate from NetWeaver. One is the enterprise software and the other is the technology layer.

You might want to spend some time at SAP or SAP help to get more information on these solutions.

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