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More about using IPC with R/3 without installing CRM

You have responded to my earlier question on using IPC with R/3 without installing CRM. But when I look at the documentation on IPC installation, it says you need to have CRM plug-in on R/3 for IPC to work. In addition R/3 needs to have knowledgebase and runtime version. The CRM plug-in is delivered as a part of CRM release. Please clarify how we can use IPC without installing CRM add-ons as we have no plans to use SAP's CRM in the near future and we do not want to license it just to run IPC. Thanks.

Please let me know your business scenario where you wanted to take advantage of IPC without implementing CRM, and I'll be able to answer your question. For instance, you can use IPC for product and pricing configuration for on line store and integrating the R/3 back end product and pricing configuration to the existing web shops.

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