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Missing documents

At the time we have several problems with missing documents, we register the OSS message 60558, SAP could not have found the cause of this issue. At the time the ticket is in Walldorf and the consultant from MM Module is attending the problem.

System ID : PR1 System Patch :SAPKH40B45
Kernel Rel.: 40B
Transaction :Program : Screen :
Error message

Saving the outgoing payment in Accounts Payable Trn F-58 or FBZ4

The system provides the "document number saved xyz" (in general), if we tried to review the document The systems responds with the legend:

Document is not in database, Search document archive?

This problem it is happening in other transaction (FB01, MB01, FBA7, FBA 6, MB1A, FBZ1, FBZ2, etc.)

We are creating CHECKS from R/3, but there is no any support in R/3 FI documents. This is also creating legal problems. We searched for notes in OSS using the message above (Short Description) all of those OSS notes are related to the notes 62077 and 37844. Also there are some customer messages related, they also referred to the same notes. We will not implement the notes up to your recommendation, due to the symptoms expressed in them, they do not express the same problem we already have.

I have had similar problems and error messages to the ones you described after performing client copies.
The problem has been one of these:
- number range problem (tcode SNRO)
- documents pointing to the wrong logical system (example: in MM the table MKPF needs to point to the correct logical system -field: AWSYS, otherwise messages like "document cannot be found in the database" appear. I have corrected this running an update query that changes the logical system to the correct one.

Have you checked if the documents are being saved? Have a user execute the transaction, then monitor the updates via SM13.

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