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Migrating service contract data from a legacy system into SAP

I'm trying to migrate service contract data from a legacy system into SAP (SAP 6.10, CRM 3.0). We have been advised...

to use 'BAPI_SLSTRANSACT_CREATEMULTI'. Not being very familiar with BAPI's, I tried to execute/call it as any other function module; trying to find out which data to specify in the tables in the interface. When the ABAP is executed, it seems like nothing is happening: no message, no return code, nothing. Questions: - Can 'BAPI_SLSTRANSACT_CREATEMULTI' be used to upload service contract data? - Which data are required to specify? What are the required data for table INPUT_FIELDS? - Is there another required step (commit?), after calling 'BAPI_SLSTRANSACT_CREATEMULTI'?

Unfortunately, I do not have a CRM system to play with, so I cannot look directly at the BAPI. I also can't find in at http://ifr.sap.com!

Have you tried looking at the BAPI throught the BAPI Browser (transaction BAPI)? This should yield a wealth of documentation about the BAPI, and allow you to test it directly. Most BAPIs have a table parameter called 'RETURN' or similar. Often these have the structure BAPIRET2, containing messages returned by the BAPI call.

Some BAPIs do need a 'Commit' step. This is achieved using the BAPI BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT.

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