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Migrating data to SAP using IDocs

We are migrating data from a third-party system to SAP through IDocs. When the inbound IDocs are created and processed, we should update the SAP database with the correct IDocs. We should also send the data back to the third-party system for correction in cases of incorrect data showing up.

To make this happen, is there any process for tracking the errors and interact with the third-party system for messed-up IDocs?
For a permanent solution the recommendation would be to trigger the feedback via workflow whenever an IDoc falls in error.

For a migration, I would rather choose to write simple ABAP that picks up all IDocs in error and send them back using function IDOC_SEND. This avoids replicating the IDocs in your SAP system and is easier to debug and is quick to set up. If you sent your feedback, you may change the status of your IDoc in error from 51 to something like 68.

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