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Migrating DB2 to NT

I have a client who is running 4.0B on AS/400 using DB2 for AS/400. We will be migrating them to an NT platform and want to use DB2 UDB. I am told that just to migrate the data base, without considering an upgrade, we will need 30 to 40% more disk space. I am also told that upgrading from 4.0B to 4.6C will require 40% more disk space. Does this mean that if their database is currently 100Gb that they will need about 200GB? (100GB x.40 (for conversion to UDB) =140GB x .40 (for upgrade) =196GB.

I hope to help answer your target systems Hardware requirements. Please read Upgrade Made easy Guidebook, which you can download from http://www.saplabs.com/simple and contact the Migration Services, see the SAPNet (alias: osdbmigration) note 161699 or contact your Local Support. They will be able to give you examples of the concept at other sites.

See the following SAP notes http://service.sap.com:

323263 hardware requirements for 46C
0082478 R/3 OS/DB migration
INST: 4.6C R/3 Installation on NT.
0149062 INST: 4.0B SR1 R/3 Inst. on UNIX - DB2 UDB
0328409 Inst: 4.6C SR1 R/3 Inst. on Windows NT (general)
DB6:Additions to the upgrade to 4.6C/4.6C SR1/4.6C
0158268 Migration on DB2 version 6
0167349 DB2 UDB Limitations of DB2 UDB

Unofficially the needed hardware is additional 20-30% CPU/RAM and additional hard disk as you have been recommended. The Migration from DB2/400 to DB2/UDB has no Data Volume differences. DB2/UDb according to other Data Administration tasks must have additional planned disk space 20-30%. For the Upgrade from 40B to 4.6C SR2 there is the Note 113795 (4.0B --> 4.5B) and 323263 (4.5B --> 4.6C ).

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