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Middleware for a legacy-to-legacy integration

What middleware should be used for legacy to legacy -- i.e. SAP isn't on either side? I know Business Connector can be used, but I am not sure about the licensing aspect? Can XI be used as well?

Please provide some suggestions on this topic.
Also, what's the cost impact if we want to use XI rather than BC?

I'll try to provide a few thoughts.

If SAP is not in the mix of systems that you're integrating, then why look at SAP Middleware products?
Is your organization SAP heavy and you would like to leverage the investments in the SAP system? If so, it makes sense. Otherwise look openly in the market for the best of class Middleware products.

The Business Connector from SAP is on its way to a phase out. So if you're planning to utilize that now its probably a good idea to re-think that strategy.

However, if you're looking at the Middleware product from WebMethods that's a different story. See, Business Connector was a product that SAP utilized but was actually developed by WebMethods.

XI is the default SAP Middleware Engine for communication between SAP to SAP, SAP to Non-SAP and Non-SAP to Non-SAP. All new SAP releases are utilizing the XI middleware and although they still support the Business Connector, they are not going to in the future.

The Non-SAP to Non-SAP however is not automatically licensed for companies to use. If your organization would like to use XI in this scenario, an enterprise XI license might be required. Please contact your SAP Representative for details on this.

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