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Microsoft developer transitioning to SAP

I am a Microsoft developer who is now pursuing my latest MCAD certification. What chance is there for a Microsoft developer to get into SAP?What is the similarities between the two? Are any of my skills relevant to SAP? What type of job or company should I be looking for to get into SAP?
Well, the good news is that SAP technology and Microsoft technology definitely have a relationship. SAP is not exclusively aligned with Microsoft, but SAP clearly values its relationship with Microsoft and remains committed to supporting Microsoft technologies. If I were you, I would do more research into the overlap between the .NET development platform and NetWeaver, SAP's latest Web architecture. As I understand it, SAP supports development efforts on the .NET platform, and .NET expertise might play well into your desire to break into SAP. The more you understand Internet business and how enterprise software vendors like SAP plan on using the Web as part of their architecture, the better off you'll be. At the same time, to truly break into SAP, you wouldn't want to be solely a Microsoft person. You need to understand the "open" technologies of the Internet like Java and XML. The latest versions of SAP rely more and more on these "open" technologies, along with SAP's own proprietary tools that interface with these open standards. In sum, the key is to get to know these broader technical trends, and how SAP is responding to them. Obviously, one way for you to make a positive move would be to get hired by a company that is running SAP and is also a "Microsoft shop," therefore heavily invested in tools you already know and understand. In this way, you can provide more value to your employer but also get more SAP-related exposure.

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