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Microsoft Management Console problem

This is a question regarding the Microsoft Management Console that is used to start/stop SAP in version 4.6c. We have a test system that has been running for about 3 weeks. It was installed as a local install (not domain). Recently we created a user on the network domain with the same name as the admin user on the local machine. This caused the instance to disappear in the MMC. I tried changing the console settings and adding the system hostname in the form:
(hostname) (instancenumber).

It accepts the input but does not add the local instance to the tree in the MMC. It doesn't matter whether we login as the local user or the network user.

We can't start our SAP instance. How do we resolve this?

Try this:
-Run the MMC.exe program and select Console->Add/Remove Snap-in.
-Click on Add.
-Select SAP R/3 Manager and click on Add.
-Leave the default selections on the next screen and click on Next.
-On the next screen, enter 00 as the System and <SID>_DVEBMGS00_<hostname> in the Instance field.
If your SAP system identifier is DEV and your hostname is myserver the instance field should be: DEV_DVEBMGS00_myserver
-Click on Finish.
-Clck on Close.
-Click on OK.
-Open the SAP R/3 Systems folder and start the instance. You need to start the database and the SAP services first, of course.

If all fails, don't worry because you still can start the SAP instance as follows:
- Start the Database services
- Start the SAP Services: sap<SID>_00 and saposcol
For this you can use the Services applet in Control Panel. If they fail to start then check that the account that starts them has the proper password.
- At the OS level (command prompt) run sapstart to start the R/3 instance.
You need to first change to the usrsap<SID>sysexerun directory. The command is:

SAPLOCALHOST is an environment variable. Replace <SID> with the appropriate SAP system name.

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