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Methods for downloading material master data

Here's the scenario: We need to download material master data (as and when a new material is created) through IDoc in a text file in:
a) Presentation Server (Local PC)
b) Application Server (SAP Server)

Steps followed:
1. Created RFC destination
- Type t
- Application Server (entered RFCEXEC.exe)
- test connection result = ok
2. create logical system = ZES3910_01
3. Created file type Port
- parameters for outbound file
- directory (local pc file path)
- function module (EDI_PATH_CREATE_USERNAME)
- test connection = ok
4. define partner profile
- part type = ls (logical system)
- part numb = above logical system name = ZES3910_01
- part class = ale
- part status = a
- outbound parameters given are:
- message type = MATMAS
- receiver port = the port as defined in step-2
- Output Mode: transfer IDOC immed
- Syntax check (ticked)
- receiver notification - my userid, lang
5. After this I created a material and sent the IDoc. The IDoc is getting created correctly and the status showed there is also 03, i.e data sent to post is ok.

1. What is troubling me is that the data is not coming through in the text file as specified (local pc). Why?
2. Do I need to specify the logical destination as the RFC destination name in the port definition?
3. If so, can you please send me a sample shell script for invoking the EDI sub system?
What you need is the SAP Java Connector (JCo). This is the interface shim and Java native interface to SAP. You can download it from service.sap.com/connectors. There are many good examples and a tutorial to come along with it. There are also some examples on my web site http://logosworld.com in the Netweaver/mySAP section.

For detailed answers post questions for JCo to the ATE BAPI expert Thomas SchÜssler whom is the author of the JCo.

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