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Maximize performance using JCo to access data asynchronously

I am using RFC connections, but the memory usage is extremely high and it also does not support more than 100,000 transactional data from SAP, it's giving a timeout error. Is there any method in JCo that can be used to maximize the performance or any other way accessing data from SAP asynchronously? Thanks in advance for your kind cooperation.
I would need to know a lot more about your application scenario and the specific problems, but there are some general ideas that might apply:
  • If you need to replicate data from SAP to an external app consider ALE as the mechanism to do so. ALE is asynchronous and will normally reduce the data traffic tremendously.
  • Are you using standard RFMs or custom ones? In the latter case, optimize the ABAP code, especially the SQL statements to improve performance. Also, add some selection criteria so that the data can be transferred in chunks that will not time out.

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