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Mass change of IDoc status

In our development system we recently had over 75,000 IDocs created for sending to a recipient system. The configuration in place is such that the IDocs are not sent immediately. So, currently, they are waiting at status 30 for processing to the recipient system. Problem is we don't want to send them. Is there a screen or program in version 4.6C that we can do a mass change of status (in this case from status 30 to status 03)?
No fear from ABAP:

tables: edidc.
select-options: docnums for edidc-docnum.
update edidc set status = '68' where docnum in docnums and status eq '30'.
This should do the trick.

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There is no need to develop custom program to change the IDOC status. Please see below:

If your objective is to Mass change IDoc status then the SAP standard program RC1_IDOC_SET_STATUS could be used. Few issues with it:
1. You need SE38 or SA38 access to execute the program
2. Program does not have any checks and balances in it. So you can incorrectly change an Inbound IDOC status to outbound status. Program does not restrict the user for making this mistake.
3. If you have number of IDocs for which status to be changed, you cannot use RANGE function on selection.
4. MESSAGE TYPE and IDOC NUMBER fields on selection do not work together. It is EITHER OR condition.
5. You cannot DELETE the IDocs.

So the standard tool-sets provide very limited functionality.
To mitigate this and to bring utmost innovations to IDOC MANAGEMENT are as a whole, there is a really cool product - Error Message Manager (EMM) out there. This product provides Editing, Analysis, Monitoring, Mass Editing, Mass Status change, Mass delete, and a number of other user friendly features.