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Marketing MBA looking to get into SAP CRM

I'm a recent marketing MBA graduate with my eye set on SAP CRM. How can I get a foot in the door?

I finished my MBA in marketing in 2005 and then started with a normal job. But I quit it as it was not very challenging and decided to get into SAP CRM instead. I am very good with marketing and this has helped me study and learn the basis of SAP CRM on my own.

My big problem now is: How do I break into the market, as i do not have any SAP CRM experience? I am clear on the fundamentals, but who would give me a job? Could you advice me on how to go about from here, as I am completely lost.

Some companies will hire young, promising marketing people and train them in CRM packages such as SAP CRM. The best way to find out is to apply to a range of companies and see what the interest level is from hiring managers. Just remember that as a pretty recent MBA graduate, you still have a lot of new opportunities you could pursue. Don't focus only on SAP just yet - see if you can find other ways of getting CRM software exposure. Go where the opportunities are, and see if you can keep angling towards SAP as you pick up more and more CRM know-how.

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