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Mapping wage types to symbolic accounts and g/l numbers

Is there a table that displays the mapping of wage types to symbolic accounts and g/l numbers? I know how to view the Wage Type and the associated g/l's but I want to come at it from an FI view.

I believe the answer to this question is that no such table exists. At my last client I had to do a lot of work around these relationships and I found it very difficult to follow the paths from an FI standpoint. I just asked an FI guy as well and he also did not know of one. If anyone does please let me know and I will relay the answer.

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I have a scenario:

There is referral bonus wage type which should be paid by the department where the hired employee joins.

So for example there is am employee XYZ from SAP Dept. and his wage types are mapped to one Symbolic account .

Now he refers a friend who joins in the HR dept.

So the referral bonus amount has to be paid to XYZ by the HR dept. which has a different GL account.

How will we do this?

Please guide.