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Mapping for integrating third party application data

What effort is required to integrate third party application data in SAP BW. Do they have in built mapping and extractors available for Informatica, Siebel etc?

Efforts involved to integrate 3rd party ETL products to load non-R/3 data in BW depend on your data sources, complexity of extraction, transformations, and overall automation of complete ETL process.

Just to setup a 3rd Party ETL tool to load data in BW is quite simple. It requires editing of SAPRFC.INI file, creating a 3rd Party Data Source definition in BW Admin Workbench, and to create an RFC Destination for the 3rd Party Tool RFC server (using transaction SM59) You also need to start 3rd Party ETL Vendor provided RFC server so BW and ETL can talk to each other. I have dedicated one full chapter on the 3rd Party ETL tools Integration process with BW in my book, Business Information Warehouse for SAP, (see Chapter 14.)

When you say "Do they have built mapping for Informatica or Siebel," what do you mean? Does it mean SAP? Or the ETL vendor? SAP does not provide any mapping schemes in Informatica for SAP R/3, SAP BW or any other data source/target. It is up to an individual vendor to provide, if any, such mapping associated with data sources (Siebel, PeopleSoft or R/3, etc.) for corresponding data targets in BW or other non-SAP data targets? Those ETL vendors, such as Acta, Informatica, Ascetical, and IBI, who provide analytics, you will find data source-to-target mapping and transformation as part of their offering but they are add-on capabilities.

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