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Managing multiple IDocs in one file

If a file contains two IDocs (for example two messages ORDERS and DELVERY), then both IDocs contain ORDER and DELIVERY segments. That should not happen. What can be done about this problem?

We have problems with multiple IDocs in one file. We are using XIB (Amtrix) as the middleware to receive the files. Currently when the file contains one IDoc then there is no problem. The IDoc is created and everything is ok.

However, if a file contains two IDocs (for example two messages ORDERS and DELVERY) then both IDocs contain ORDER...

and DELIVERY segments. That should not happen.

Somehow SAP is unable to differentiate the IDocs in the file, but it knows how many IDocs are there in the file, because it is creating that number of IDocs.

We are using TRFC port. Do we need to change it to file port? When we have more than one IDoc, do we need set any parameters in the file?

Generally, you are using an EDI converter. It is the elementary job of a converter to split the data into IDocs. In your case, split the IDocs and send them one by one to SAP. Fileport will probably not solve your problem.

Your case sounds to me like the converter mapping is simply wrong. In any case, the work has to be done in Amtrix.

This was last published in May 2006

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