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Managing employees with two different jobs/positions

We currently have numerous employees in our organisation who undertake two different jobs/positions. Both positions are paid under different conditions/awards.

The way in which we have been administrating these situations is to set the employee up under different personnel numbers and pay them in accordance with the hours worked under each employee number. By doing it in this manner, we are ensuring that they are receiving the appropriate conditions pertaining to the that particular award (labor agreement).

My manager believes this is an incorrect way to do things, and would prefer that the individual retains one employee number and denotes under which position they have worked in via CATS or Shift Planning.

Can you please advise your thoughts on the above and how we should set this up in SAP. We are using SAP 4.6C
There are a lot of unknowns here, so my only comment is either use Reference Personnel Numbers and share the infotypes. However, the system still needs to keep track of two pernr's. If they are to be paid separately within two separate pay cycles (payroll areas) they need two unique pernrs. If they want to only maintain one pernr, the employee could be paid some earnings (hours) separately as a special off-cycle run (i.e. use IT 267) to process a special payroll run.

This will provide the same employee # two separate payments if that is the requirement... Again, there are many unknowns and many ways of doing this. Also, concurrent employment could be an alternative option.

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