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Management vs. functional career paths

I am FI/CO functional consultant turned project manager. The dilemma is pursuing the management path or functional path. In either position I long for the other. Will learning BW help me?
I don't see how BW resolves your dilemma. If you learn BW, you'll again be pushing in a hands-on direction, and unless you fall in love with BW, you'll probably still "long for" project management. I have written about the project manager versus hands-on dilemma before, and the tradeoffs of each, so look at some of my past answers in previous months. Your best way out might be to find companies that like hands-on project managers. Some companies do, and then you wouldn't be so torn between two options. In general, however, I do think you should focus on excelling in one career path or the other, and that means making a hard choice. It's hard to succeed in two difference areas against professionals who are only focusing on one. Once you make a firm choice, don't look back.
This was last published in October 2003

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