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Making an online backup after an upgrade

After the DB upgrade from to Oracle, I have an online backup problem on development and production instances. Before the upgrade I made a homogenous system copy from the production, and the online backup on this SAP instance works fine.

What I don't understand is that the brarchive works OK for all instances. Brbackup, on the other hand, doesn't work on some instances.

The error message:

BR051I BRBACKUP 6.20 (18)
BR262I Please enter DBA user name[/password]:
BR055I Start of database backup: bdppumvp.anf 2005-03-30 13.40.01 BR280I Time stamp 2005-03-30 13.40.01 BR301W SQL error -942 at location BrLicCheck-22 ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

BR319I Control file copied to: /oracle/DEV/sapbackup/cntrlDEV.dbf 14278656
BR280I Time stamp 2005-03-30 13.40.05 BR301E SQL error -942 at location BrDataTspGet-1
ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

BR056I End of database backup: bdppumvp.anf 2005-03-30 13.40.05 BR280I Time stamp 2005-03-30 13.40.05 BR054I BRBACKUP terminated with errors [Warning]
From: OB2BAR@sap3 "OMNISAP" Time: 03/30/05 13:40:05
BRBACKUP /sapmnt/DEV/exe/brbackup -t online -d util_file -c -m all -u <<END
system/********** returned 768

Now, I don't have online backup from production. Please help me; I have checked everything I could think about.

This is caused by missing authorizations for the SAPDBA and BRBACKUP database tools. The SAPDBA role needs to be adjusted after every SAP or Oracle upgrade.

Run the following command to do so:

UNIX Oracle 9.2: sqlplus/nolog @sapdba_role <SAPSCHEMA_ID> UNIX

Where <SAPSCHEMA_ID> is the schema ID of the SAP database user:

OSS NOTE 134592 explains this behavior in detail.

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