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Making a major change -- from an unrelated career to SAP

Discover the best options for someone in an unrelated career to enter the SAP field, according to SAP career expert Jon Reed.

I'm a botany lecturer, but a lot of my friends did SAP and got nice jobs abroad. I am trying my best to learn SAP, but since I don't have any programming knowledge, nothing is clear for me. I got one book called Teach yourself ABAP/4 in 21 days, by Ken Greenwood, with a hope that I could become an expert SAP consultant. I know this may sound funny to you, but please guide me. What kind of programming courses should I complete prior to SAP?
If you don't mind me saying so -- and I hope SAP professionals are not offended by this either -- your current job sounds a lot more interesting than anything I do in the SAP world!

I won't argue with your desires, but maybe there's a way for you to go abroad and continue to teach in the areas you are passionate about. However, if you're determined to break into SAP, I would recommend reading some overview books of NetWeaver technology and even watching some SAP webcasts. I don't recommend ABAP programming -- SAP is moving towards Web-based programming and, in general, the trend towards programming is "offshore" so that won't help you with your travel goals at all. If you really want to become an SAP programmer despite all this, then I would combine a study of ABAP with a study of Web-based SAP development.

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