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Making a local copy using SAP_ALL profile

I'm trying to do a local copy of client 800 of the BW IDES to client 801 (within the same server), using SAP_ALL profile. The analysis of the system starts, but a couple minutes into the copy, it says "cancelled. see log." and the process stops.

Looking in the logs, I have the following:

[color=red]last action as Analysis of System last exit program as FINB_TR_CC_EXIT [/color]

Drilling down further into the logs, I found the following on the table:

[color=red]table FINB_TR_CC_EXIT
short description FUNCTION
short description Transport Support /Container Transport
application component: FB
short description Financials Basis

technical information
table is not active
table does not Exist in database: FINB_TR_CC_EXIT [/color]

Please enlighten me as to what is going on, why the client copy won't complete and what I need to do. I tried increasing the rdisp/max_wprun_time to 1800 to see if that would help but it hasn't.

One more thing, I got to a screen where I could do a database test on the table FINB_TR_CC_EXIT and this comes up with:

[color=red]there is no active runtime object for FINB_TR_CC_EXIT [/color]

Thanks in advance.
I ran into this problem myself a while ago. Please follow the solution in SAP Note 568784.

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