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Making a career switch to SAP: Weighing the career prospects in SAP BW vs. test services

Expert Josh Greenbaum weighs in on a jobseeker's career prospects in seeking a career in SAP BW or continuing as a testing engineer.

I've been working as a test engineer for the last three years. I have just completed training in SAP BW, and I plan to seek certification. My question is: is the future promising for a career path in SAP BW? Or would continuing in test services be a better path?
It's hard to know which will be in more demand, overall test services or BW expertise. I think more and more that the requirements for both will grow. Comprehensive testing is the best way to guarantee implementation success, and using BW and its associated analytical applications will be the best way to guarantee operational success.

I do think that, more and more, BW expertise will also require some vertical industry knowledge. As BW use matures and evolves, the greater value will come from developing specific vertical industry analytics, and that will require industry knowledge as well as BW expertise. Either choice in my opinion will keep you from having to worry about your future employment prospects.

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